Humble, authentic and committed; Emmanuel's soul inspired wisdom emanates from pure love, and emboldens all to journey within to rediscover their true selves. He has dedicated his life to being of service to humanity, co-creating thousands of spontaneous healings and miracles by helping people remember who they are at their core, and realize their full potential as the amazing whole beings of love they truly are.

Emmanuel has the ability to fully connect and engage with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, making whomever he comes into contact with feel like they've been life long friends. One of Emmanuel's greatest gifts he offers to humanity is the amount of compassion he is able to generate, sustain and share through his heart and presence. This ability has escalated him to become recognized internationally as a Humanitarian, Transformation Specialist, Healer, Teacher, and Author.

"You are changing the world into light. Be not afraid of your innocence and your child nature, it is close to God. Let your imagination soar into a Dream where love surrounds all events, then "see" it as real. Let the sounds of your heart talk to those who are not alive. You have shown them the way by your example, now "show" them the way from within. Listen, and your heart will speak. We are with you now. We will help you."~ Kogi Elder, Columbia 

The result of a divine collaboration with Emmanuel is greater love, personal freedom, expanded higher consciousness, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Every person who connects with Emmanuel, whether it is a next door neighbor or a globally recognize leader, leaves feeling fully seen, loved, and transformed after each collaboration.

The role Emmanuel was set to play with helping to raise the global consciousness of the planet was ignited early on in his childhood.

Growing up during the civil war of Lebanon—where Emmanuel witnessed things that no human being should ever see or experience, and where safety, food, water, electricity and other amenities were either non existent or sparse —gave Emmanuel a deep ability to embody a compassion for others that has been deemed by many of those who know him as other-wordly.

With a background in psychology, combined with his natural healing abilities, and having received a plethora of speciality certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel has dedicated his love to serving and awakening humanity to their greatest potential.

"Emmanuel's magic can be felt in less than a second of meeting him, and there is a very probable chance that your greatest wishes will receive a big boost forward in becoming fully realized into your experience upon your first encounter with him. Emmanuel's deeply profound love for ALL beings has allowed him to personify love in action. What inspires me the most is Emmanuel's laser sharp clarity, depth of understanding, and ability to instantly alchemize emotional, mental, and physical density into wholeness, love, and complete freedom." ~ Lightworkers.org


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