Emmanuel Dagher

Co - creating real life miracles


When Emmanuel was two years old, his mother heard him say something that caught her off guard. "Love is all there is," Emmanuel quietly shared in his shy little voice. Having no idea where he may have picked up a statement like this, Emmanuel's mother asked him to repeat it again to make sure what she heard was correct.  After repeating the same statement again several times, Emmanuel's mom recognized that something magical was emerging, and felt in her heart that one day it would reveal itself. 

In just a short 10 years, Emmanuel Dagher has had the humble honor of co-creating profound expansion with thousands around the world. Emmanuel serves as an  Expansion Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive & Humanitarian whose priority is to reconnect those who are ready back to their greatest potential. Emmanuel is also a #1 International Best Selling Author which has expanded the message of love and empowerment he is so passionate about to go global!

Emmanuel has witnessed extraordinary transformations – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The outcome of collaborating with Emmanuel usually results in  greater love, personal freedom, higher consciousness, and an overall sense of well-being.

Emmanuel has dedicated his life to serving humanity, and has fine tuned his gifts & abilities so that every client he supports leaves feeling fully seen, loved & transformed.

With a background in Spiritual Psychology combined with his natural intuitive abilities & having received a plethora of advanced certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel loves sharing it all with those who are available to receiving it.

Emmanuel works with people of all backgrounds from the next door neighbor to world diplomats, visionaries & large audiences.  Some of the greatest healers & luminaries themselves turn to Emmanuel for support, healing & guidance.



It's such an honor to connect with you here at my online home!

My deep desire to help others started at around the age of 2. Having grown up in the war-torn Middle Eastern country of Lebanon, I can remember making a pact with myself that 'when' my family & I would overcome that challenging chapter of our lives,  I would dedicate my beingness to empowering & helping others in every way that I could.

When the day came that my family & I were gifted with the opportunity to begin a new life, a life more aligned with the freedom, ease & joy I always felt was possible for us, I realized anything was possible.

My faith & focused intent that we would one day be free finally manifested into my experience! That day the fog cleared & my world changed.

As things were getting back on course, more lessons & blessings would reveal themselves in the form of  physical imbalances as a result of the post traumatic stress I experienced from the war.

My body manifested a 29.5 degree curvature of the spine (Scoliosis) that started showing itself around the age of 11. Several doctors stated that I would be living with spinal pain for the rest of my life with or without surgery, and that I could never fully heal. I also had a strong stutter that kept me mostly to myself. Throughout it all, I knew their reality did not have to be mine.

Long story short, I knew that I would overcome these lessons eventually. What kept me going was to continue reflecting back on the day that I first realized anything was possible. I would use that day of my family & I receiving a brand new start as my reference point to creating new miracles.

Reflecting on this helped me realize that in order to heal physically, I needed to understand myself as a spiritual being. As I continued to delve deeper inward, I began to notice many people around me started to heal. It felt like all the inner work I was doing was helping me dissolve an energetic veil created by the mind that kept me from seeing the truth of who others & myself really were. As soon as this perspective of who we really are became a 'knowing' for me, more miracles unfolded in my life & in the lives of those around me.

The stutter started to disappear (I still get it from time to time when I'm excited, but now I embrace it) & my spine gradually began to heal naturally. It all happened with a shift in my thoughts & how I viewed myself & the world around me.

I look at this sacred opportunity to serve others in the way that I do as one of the most precious gifts in the Universe. I am humbled to be open and willing enough to allow the Universe to use me as an instrument of love, peace & upliftment. This is what makes my heart sing, and for that I am thankful.

With love,