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These miracle & prosperity cards are attuned energetically through sacred geometry, energy healing and empowered prayer to support you in creating more blessings in your life.

The size of these cards are about 1/2 the size of a business card, so you can place them in your wallet, purse or pocket with ease.

These cards come in a package of 10 per choice of card!

These cards make excellent gifts & are often used by myself, clients, friend & family as an opportunity to demonstrate random acts of kindness that instantly lift & positively shift the daily lives of those we encounter. I find that it always feel so good to give these to someone who least expects them. 


Prosperity Card (front)

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Prosperity Card (back)

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 Package of 10 Prosperity Cards - $11 (add $2 for U.S. shipping  - please use cart below)

For International Customers (add $4 for international shipping - please use cart below) If you purchase both styles of cards, please use U.S. shipping option to combine shipping cost.


Miracle Card (front)

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Miracle Card (back)

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Package of 10 Miracle Cards $11 (add $2 for U.S. shipping - please use cart below)

For International Customers (add $4 for International shipping - please use cart below) If you purchase both styles of cards, please use U.S. shipping option to combine shipping cost.


A little "Miracle Card" story.

One of my favorite things to share with others is something I call a Miracle or Prosperity Card. I make these cards about 1/2 the size of a regular business card so that they are simple to carry in one's pocket, purse, or wallet.

On the front of the card I write "Miracle Card' & on the back I write something special to really anchor in the energy of miracles for a person. I usually make them colorful then laminate them so they last a long time.

Next, I randomly mail out these miracle cards to people I find the addresses for through the local phone book. I usually just close my eyes & open the phone book randomly choosing who will receive the miracle cards. I always trust that whoever would benefit from the card will receive it.

So, I was at the local grocery store waiting in line to checkout when I saw an older gentleman in front of me pull out his wallet to pay.

Low and behold, what did he have in his wallet? One of the miracle cards I sent out! The store clerk commented on how awesome it was for him to have something like that & asked if there was a meaning behind it. The man said that he had received it anonymously through the mail when he was going through a very difficult period in his life, and shortly after receiving it things began to change for the better in his life. He wasn't sure if it was just because he took comfort in knowing that there are good people out there in the world, or because it was an energy shift due to the card.  He was just grateful to feel better. He said that although to someone else it might just be a silly little thing, but for him it made big difference.

So, I had the biggest smile on my face in that moment. I felt such immense gratitude towards the Universe for showing me a glimpse of the joy random acts of kindness can bring. I thanked the Universe for allowing me to witness such a miraculous experience.

I hope this little miracle story inspires you to know that we ALL have the gift of creating miracles everywhere we go!

We are in this together!